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Sclerotherapy is a well-known and effective treatment option for treating reticular and spider veins. Premier Aesthetics treats spider veins using Sclerotherapy, creating visible and lasting results to help you feel and look beautiful again. The Sclerotherapy treatment damages the lining of the blood vessels, which causes the body to move the blood out of the vessels.

As a part of the procedure, we inject a solution directly into the damaged veins that collapse the blood vessels and dissolve in the body. It’s that simple. Now you can live pain-free and without unsightly veins. 


  • The appearance of spider veins is reduced.

  • Reduces small varicose veins.

  • No surgery is needed.

  • Short recovery time.

  • The injections used for Sclerotherapy are precise.

  • Side effects are minimal, if any.

No need to live with unsightly veins any longer! Our convenient online booking tool makes it easy to schedule your Sclerotherapy treatment with Premier Aesthetics in Danville, VA. You may book a Sclerotherapy by itself or with other services.

  • What is a dermal filler?
    A dermal filler is a gel substance injected into specific areas of the face to reduce wrinkles and increase fullness and volume.
  • Who are good candidates for dermal fillers?
    Dermal fillers are a perfect option for patients looking for a youthful look and who would like to minimize wrinkles and fine lines.
  • How soon will I see the results of my dermal filler treatment?
    You should notice some results immediately after your filler treatment, the product will settle, and you can enjoy the final results after about 2-3 weeks.
  • How long do dermal fillers typically last?
    Depending on the type of filler you are given, and how your body handles it, its duration will vary. Some dermal fillers will last for six to twelve months, and others last up to five years.
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