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There are two types of birthmarks: hemangiomas and port wine birthmarks. In both cases, birthmarks are abnormal skin colorations in spots that are either present at birth or appear shortly thereafter that can be flat or slightly raised from the skin and may be any number of colors, including red, brown, black, tan, pink, white, purple, or even blue. Moles can also be considered birthmarks.

Variations of Birthmarks

  • Angel kisses, which usually appear on the forehead and eyelids.

  • Stork bites, which appear on the back of the neck, between the eyebrows on the forehead, or on eyelids of newborns. They may fade away as the child grows, but often persist into adulthood.

  • Port-wine stains, which are flat deep-red or purple birthmarks made up of dilated blood capillaries (small blood vessels). They often appear on the face and are permanent.

  • Strawberry hemangiomas, composed of small, closely packed blood vessels that grow rapidly and can appear anywhere on the body. They usually disappear by age nine.

  • Cavernous hemangiomas are similar to strawberry hemangiomas but go more deeply into the layers of the skin. These can often be characterized by a bluish-purple color. They also tend to disappear naturally around school age.


Premier Aesthetics has lasers available to help remove birthmarks.

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